Book of Lists

Are you a list maker? I love making lists and crossing things off lists. (I’ve been known to add just completed items to a list just for the sake of crossing them off). I also love paper and pens. Every

Three Musketeers

“The Three Musketeers” is what Dotty, who owns The Net Loft and taught this class called us when she sent me this picture. My friends Becca and Pam and I got together on Friday morning to learn how to create

Back to School

Selma started fourth grade today. Of course, she chose her own first-day-of-school outfit, including the jacket which was my mom’s in college. Yeah, my mom is pretty tiny. I love school supplies, clean crisp notebooks, backpacks, new pencils. Since I

Insert “felt” pun here

I tried to think of some witty post title about felting, but they all seemed too cheesy.  At any rate, Selma and I taught needle felting last week at The Net Loft. Students made little needle felted portraits on craft

New Pattern: Landlocked Bay Socks

My friend Becca (rav link), who grew up in Valdez, Alaska, and who modeled these socks for me helped me pick the name. Landlocked Bay is just around the corner from Cordova, and it used to have a big coal