Selma started fourth grade today.

Selma's First Day of 4th Grade

Of course, she chose her own first-day-of-school outfit, including the jacket which was my mom’s in college. Yeah, my mom is pretty tiny. I love school supplies, clean crisp notebooks, backpacks, new pencils. Since I don’t get to go back to school, but I do need a new date book/organizer right about now, I’ve treated myself to a new notebook and I’m going to try making a little diy date book. I’ll show pictures if it turns out photo-worthy.

I finished a little project this week using Organik from The Fibre Company. It’s a squishy single ply that’s 70% organic merino, 15% Alpaca and 15% silk. I can only show you a little sneek peak because it’s for an upcoming book. (Oh yes, it’s knitting).

Sneek Peak -Fibre Company Organik

This morning I took a cross stitch class at The Net Loft. The event was billed as a tea and stitching time to celebrate the first day of school. Dotty has been having some great classes this summer, and I love doing things at the shop that I wouldn’t ordinarily do at home. We started and finished a tiny cross-stitched forget-me-not and inserted it into this sweet little English ceramic box.

Dotty's Forget-me-knot cross-stitch

Here’s the pattern Dotty created for the class. I love how organized she is-look how the threads each have a little place right on the pattern card.


There’s enough thread and fabric to make another flower, so I think Selma’s going to give it a try.

I’m off to watch the new season of Project Runway!

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