Taking a closer look at crickets

I’ve been thinking about food more than yarn today, and it seems that what we eat is on the brains of more than one knitter these days. Stephanie can’t get home from the store without her lettuce freezing, Hannah had a post yesterday about Vegetarian Times magazine and their article about non-vegetarian ingredients that sneak their way into foods.

On my other blog, Comfort Kitchen, you can see a link to a video investigation about turkey factories.

I bought Jerusalem Artichokes (sunchokes) at the coop yesterday because they looked so fresh and the sign said they were local (local produce is a rare thing around here in February), but I’ve yet to find a recipe for them online or in any of my many cookbooks that strikes my fancy.

Jay (who’s two) studied bugs in his playing with dirt “science” class this morning, so we had butterfly pasta for dinner.

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