Things have been quiet here because a WHOLE WEEK of snow days (caused by things like icy sidewalks, no plows to clear school parking lots, not actual snow drama), meant I was doing a lot more kid stuff and a lot less of anything else.

This weekend, we decided the iciness that was pretending to be snow here in Maryland wasn’t good enough, so we drove north, 400 miles to my parent’s house in central New York. Drifts were above my head, and the kids got to ski and sled and hang out with the grandparents.

Even the drive was fun–I finished my second sock.

Today, if I ever dig out from the avalanche of e-mail, I got while I was away, I get to swatch. First, with O-Wool’s new Balance–a organic cotton/wool blend, and then, with Tilli Tomas. Yum!

The eye of the storm