Sometimes a picture isn’t enough…

Tilli Tomas SweaterOriginally uploaded by plainsight. It’s impossible to tell from this photo how insanely wonderful this yarn is. (It’s Tilli Tomas flurries–with the beads, and Aspen–without.) I’m enjoying every second of crocheting with it, despite the fact that the

Tilli Tomas

Tilli Tomas Originally uploaded by plainsight. It’s not much of a sneak peek–but my swatch is not all that representative since I’m not going to use a variagated yarn. This pile of yumminess came in the mail on Friday. It’s


After finishing a bunch of big crochet projects, my knitting needles have been calling to me. I had a great time making Julsey’s capelet, and it made me wonder about knitting garments side-to-side. I read a few patterns, and then,