A new book that got my fingers itching for a hook: Crochet Master Class

The book is called, Crochet Master Class: Lessons and Projects from Today’s Top Crocheters. It came in the mail last night from the publisher, and I was immediately drawn in. It’s a book you can sit down and read and

Guest Blogger Selma with a Book Review

Selma came home from school in the middle of the day with a stomach ache. As she was convalescing, she re-discovered my stack of fiber-related children’s books. After reading Cashmere If You Can, she decided to write a review, and

Yarn Review: Prism Tencel Tape

I recently received a skein of yarn from Prism Yarns called Tencel Tape. Tencel is the more eco-friendly cousin to Rayon. It’s made from cellulose, in this case wood pulp, like rayon, but the chemical processing is a “closed circut”