Diving Deeper into Mod Waterfall

Diving Deeper into Mod Waterfall

A few weeks ago, I got to spend an afternoon with Meghan Garrison, a friend here in Juneau who works for the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council. I asked her to model because she seemed like a great fit for

Tis the Season for snow, and gifts!

Yesterday we got a huge dump of wet, wet snow, the city almost shut down which is saying a lot for Cordova. The snow removal machines (And James who seems to be constantly shoveling our BIG driveway) have had a

The Yarn Speaks

I feel like there are two kinds of yarn acquisitions–for the yarn and for the project, right? The other day, I just *had* to buy some Hazel Knits DK because, well, it was gorgeous and I hadn’t ever tried it

Short and Sweet-Launching Inside Crochet

Last fall, my friend Julie Holetz and I got an e-mail from England asking if we’d like to help launch a new Crochet Magazine (at this point it didn’t even have a name). The deal was this: we would work

Crocheting for your feet

The September issue of Crochet Today magazine came out while I was in the midst of moving, and I didn’t get to see a copy until I was in Hawaii (I found it at Safeway!). I have a pattern for