change sign
Creative Commons License photo credit: rockmixer

I am not a habitual person. I’ll take medicine when I’m sick, but I’m terrible about remembering to take my vitamins. I exercise or do laundry as a way to get out of some other job (who knew procrastination could make one so productive). My workflow usually goes like this: wait until something really needs to get done, then work on it nonstop until it’s finished. I can be very focused that way.

So, instead of making New Year’s resolutions and sweeping changes, I’ve decided to try and just do a few small things every day more regularly. I’m hoping to use the Internet less. I would like to knit a little during daylight hours instead of just at night. I’d like to do something habitual with my writing to make it less project/deadline focused, but I haven’t quite decided what that is.

We’ll see how this goes. I’ll keep you posted. I can’t say I’m going to be blogging more because the way I think about blogging has changed a bit. I rely a lot more on Twitter now for little things like linking to interesting patterns, articles, etc. It’s my favorite quick publishing platform. I like to blog when I have something to say that I think is useful, fun or interesting. Not just because I haven’t posted in a while. I still love blogging and what I would like to do is talk more about technique and inspiration–the two things I find the most interesting with regard to my passions of fiber and food. I’d love to know what you think of that.

New Year, No Resolutions