OK, so I’m driving home from holiday vacation in upstate New York realizing my favorite new knitting tool is my husband’s headlamp that he wears to ride his bike or hike in the woods. It was getting dark, and he handed it to me so I could keep knitting while he drove. It was great! The light was bright, pointed directly at my work, and did not disturb anyone else–James listening to Car Talk, the baby sleeping in the back, or my daughter watching Shrek on the portable DVD player… it was a strange, mobile, 21st century salon. I almost wished the trip was longer… ok, maybe not.

In other news, the new issue of Spun Magis out, and I have an article in their Trippin’ section–it’s a DC Travelogue and you can find out about the knitting scene here in the captiol…

I can’t believe it’s January already! New classes start tomorrow–beginning knitting, teen knitting, and later in the month, crochet for knitters and more–here’s a complete schedule. If you scroll down below the calendar view you can see the classes in a much easier to read list-view, in fact if any of my amazing readers know php and can tell me how to rewrite the template on this calendar so the list view is on top, I’ll be forever greatful!

I’m resolved to update the blog more regularly this year–at least once a week. So stay tuned!

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Happy New Year!