Ack! As I set the Opening Ceremonies to TiVo, I’ve realized that the hardest part of finishing these socks for the Knitting Olympics is not going to be the socks themselves, but the other work I have to do:

  • One yarn company design to finish
  • two articles to write
  • numerous new books and products to review and blog about (Stay tuned for post about all sorts of knitting containers on Monday)
  • At least two designs for upcoming classes to complete (right now, I have my beginner scarf, aka Bethoven’s Rib on the needles instead of socks, hopefully that will be done tonight)

In other news, I’ve decided to do the socks on 2 circulars, so my investment in pickup-sticks, er I mean eensie weensie double pointed needles was perhaps in vain. I did however get a fantasic deal on the circs at Inez’s Stitchery, a yarn store that feels like it’s in a time warp in Kensington, MD.


UPDATE: Lots of changes tonight–I changed needles–dpns to circs, I changed needles sizes–1s to 0s (gasp!) and I changed patterns… No longer doing Jaywalker, I’m doing a similar looking chevron from Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks because I really like how the patterns are written–they’re easy to follow and give a lot of flexibility regarding yarn and foot sizes. So, I had to re-swatch tonight, but it’s midnight now, and I’ll wait until tomorrow to cast on…

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