TNNA: Top-Down Teddy-Bear Sweaters, Intarsia without Fear and More!

I spent the last week at TNNA. It’s The National Needle Arts Conference for the trade–yarn manufacturers, publishers, designers. It was a great time! Most of all because I got to meet some friends who I’d previously only known via

Crochet Sighting: Chuculeta Con Raton

Since I don’t read Spanish and Google’s translator wasn’t much help, I’m only guessing this site is from Chile… There’s some amazing little objects here… I found the site wandering through a japanese amigurumi site which I’ll post about soon.

Navajo-Churro Wool

The new issue of Better Homes and Garden’s Knit It! (basically a 112-page ad for Lion Brand yarns) does have a couple of pieces that aren’t about Lion. One that caught my eye is an article about a breed of

Crochet Sighting:

Apple computer makes some of the hip-est ads around and even they know how cool crochet can be. I’ll be posting again soon with articles about TNNA–(The Needle Arts Association Conference) and recent classes I’ve taken on intarsia, knitting with

Meet Amanda…

IMG_0838.JPG Originally uploaded by plainsight. I got a mannaquin for Christmas–yeah! We finally got it put together last night. My daughter Selma wanted to name it Barbie, but I decided to call her Amanda. Amanda’s wearing the first modular crochet

Who Knew? A lego-built knitting robot

Apparently there’s a group of, yes, LEGO enthusiasts out there and they have message boards and web sites where they build things–structures, machines, etc. and share pictures, video… And… there’s a guy named Tom Johnson who has bult a mechanized

Modular and Top-Down Crochet: great garments without (much) sewing…

Crochet Fantasy came in the mail yesterday. I hold my breath whenever a crochet magazine arrives because I’m never too optimistic about what I’ll find inside. I still wish someone would take the time and money to add the production

Magazine Review: Selvedge

It was hard to resist the beautiful new magazine I saw on my last trip to Barnes and Noble. Selvedge caught my eye as much for it’s georgeous trade-paper back style binding as it’s high-end art photography and high price

Ear Warmers Revisited…

Since the time of year is right, and I’ve been getting quite a bit of interest in these, I thought I’d re-post the picture and link: here’s what I wrote back in October: In other news, I have a new

Cleveland Keeps it’s Trees Cozy

tree sweater Originally uploaded by Dabbler. Carol Hummel is a sculptor who uses yarn as her medium and trees, at least this time, as her canvas. She’s covered this tree in a synthetic yarn designed to last the 2-years the