So I’m plugging away at my Team FO obligations. Today’s goal was finish swatches for a friend’s book proposal. (You’d thought I’d finished them on Tuesday? Me too. I had to redo one and add a third.) I’ve got one in a nice cashmere/wool/microfiber blend, one in my old stanby, Southwest Trading’s Bamboo (Their new colors, by the way are even softer and silkier than the old ones!), and just for fun, we decided to do one in Good ‘ol Red Heart (affectionately known as RH by most hookers online.) The RH swatch is for a a project where we weren’t too conerned about drape, and the yarn’s legendary durability is a plus in this case.

You know I’m all about the blocking now that I have my new steam-iron, but up ’till now, I’d only blocked knitting. Turns out, crocheting loves blocking too, and ‘tho I’d read some tutorials that cautioned against steam for anything other than wool, I threw caution to the wind. My bamboo loved the steam, only got silkier, and lost the tell-tale ridges between rows you often see in un-blocked crochet. Then, I thought, “what the heck? What’s the worst that could go wrong if I steam 100% acrylic?” Luckily, nothing did. The Red Heart breathed a sigh of relief, relaxed, and softened. Wait, what’s that I see? Is it… no, couldn’t be… drape? (Thanks to Baby Jay’s little Camel rocker for demonstrating the drapey swatch.)

Who Knew? (Well, I’m sure lots of you did.)