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Ahem, “In recognition of an olympic sized knitting project with many twists and turns, pushing the limits of the art form, Jenny is hereby awarded (for her entrelac tote) the Shaun White (Flying Tomato) Gold Medal”

“In recognition of knitting with intent to enrich the lives of others Beth is hereby awarded (for finishing a long-time UFO aran sweater intended for a good friend and making her first ever pair of mittens) the Joey Cheek Gold Medal.”

“In recognition of a newcomer to knitting (she just learned in January) who really scored big, Emily is hereby awarded (for her Irish hiking scarf) the Ted Ligety Gold Medal”

And finally, “In recognition of the intent to knit her olympic project (for training and swatching and buying lots of requisite supplies) but never actually starting her sock project, Amy (yes, that’s me) is awarded the Michelle Kwan Gold Medal.”

Thank you James for the creative and fun medals! We had a good time at the Olympics Closing Ceremonies party–eating and chatting, giving out awards and prizes, and knitting, of course. And I’m happy to say, that despite my sock dissapointment, I did manage to finish eight knitted and crocheted items on my todo list.

After such an intense couple of weeks, what will these 5,000 knitters, and I don’t know how many crocheters, be doing tomorrow?

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I should have knitted a pedastal