I’ve been in the thick of a bunch of knitting projects and just picked up my hook last night for the first time in a while–I managed to burn through 100 meters of yummy mohair boucle–almost the entire yolk of a little v-neck cardigan in just a few hours…

Tomorrow, I begin a kids crochet class where we’re focusing on amigurumi. Kim has kindly given me permission to use the “dude” pattern in the current issue of the magazine as our “instruction manual.”

In other news–the Freeform Crochet group that I lurk on subcribe to has been discussing kool-aid of late, and someone asked what the dyes in kool-aid are made of… I consulted google briefly and discovered, unfortunately, that the FDA is all too clear about the fact that artificial food dyes come from petroleum products… BLECH!!!

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I forgot how fast crochet is!