Sculpture Space, a non-profit dedicated to supporting sculptors around the world is putting on an outdoor exhibit at Hamilton College, in Clinton, NY, where I grew up. Among the pieces featured are not one, but TWO crocheted pieces. My dad took a series of pictures of the sculptures.

The first is a tent with a rainbow-camoflauge-like pattern done in 100% acrylic:

This piece was designed and crocheted by Agata Olek Oleksiak. I really like the old-fashioned pup-tent look–and the way the fabric drapes at the front “entrance.” I’d love to see it in person–and see how it feels–I wonder if you can go inside? It will also be cool to see how the tent withstands the elements as it’s scheduled to be on exhibit all summer.

The second crocheted piece is PVC pipe covered with crocheted VHS tape and plastic bags:

It’s by Patricia Tinajero-Baker, and is called “Green Canopy.” It also includes a solar panel and some speakers, but Dad said it wasn’t making any noise while he was photographing it.

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Hamilton College Hosts Fiber Sculpture