Blue Sky Crochet Swatch
Originally uploaded by plainsight.

With thanks to Robyn for the idea, here’s a look at what I’ve been doing. I adore swatching. Maybe I even like it more than making garments. Am I crazy? Maybe. Swatching is all about potential–with none of the worry (yet) about fit, shaping or other fiddly bits of designing.

This swatch is for a sweater I’m working on for Blue Sky Alpacas. The yarn is lovely, and is so new I don’t even know it’s name. It’s soft, has a beautiful drape and with this stitch (a conglomeration of two I found in Harmony and the Crochet Stitch Bible, it’s quite stretchy.

If you click over to my flickr page, you’ll see I’m swatching for a couple of other projects too. The knit swatch with the ribbing is for a vest I’m working on in Blue Sky sport weight. I’m headed off to write up that pattern now.

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