Deneen posts a recipe every Friday, which is a great idea, but we ordered pizza tonight.

Instead, I’ll give you this article by chef Anthony Bourdain–I have a love-hate thing for him… He slams vegetarians, which is annoying, but he is *so right* about what is happening on the food network right now. Unfortunately, I think he almost started this downward trend with his “travel” show where he went to far flung places and ate bugs on camera.

UPDATE: Last fall I read an article in the New Yorker about the changes happening at the Food Network, and I wanted to add it here to balance the Bourdain piece. Bill Buford spent 72 hours straight watching the network (“stopping only to sleep when the shows began repeating at midnight.”)

It’s freezing rain here which means James won’t get to take his 125 mile bike ride tomorrow. He was really looking forward to it, he’d tuned up his bike, and done all the other crazy things a cyclist does before such an adventure… But since he doesn’t have to get up at 4 in the morning to head down to Virginia, we’re going to get to hang out and watch a movie together–a surprisingly rare occurrence.

The last time we watched TV together he decided to do this:

That’s right. He’s mending my jeans. (“Who knew this was what I’d have to do to get you to take your pants off?” he said.) He didn’t think I should be seen with holes in my jeans, so he patched them–quite cleverly, I might ad. He cut the pocket off of his old painting jeans and used it as a patch. He even used orange thread to get that jean-y look. That’s love.

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