Seattle Trip Mosaic
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Well, not really, just too busy to blog. Selma and I just got back from a trip to Seattle to reconnect with old friends, good food, beautiful surroundings (despite the weather). I heard another Amy was also in town around the same time, but our paths didn’t cross as I didn’t get a chance to go near any yarn stores or fiber-y events!

I now really need to hunker down and finish up knitting these teddy bear outfits as my deadline looms–you’d be amazed at how slow a knitter I am, speed has never been my claim to fame. I’m trying to fuel myself with chocolate and books on tape (in the iPod right now, Artemis Fowl, book one, snacking on choxie–the Target single origin chocolates–a birthday gift from my friends Lisa and Glen).

On Saturday, we travel again–the whole family–to Wisconsin to see relatives and go to our little cottage way up north.

Gotta work, work, work!

Blogless in Seattle