Ivy… art for your coats

We have a bit of a problem with stuff moving in and out of our house–there’s no entryway or coat closet, so stuff gathers by the door, and our dining room is become a mudroom–there’s no way around it… We


0628071930.jpgOriginally uploaded by plainsight “Beware of animals or wildlife from surrounding woods.” Animals OR wildlife? What other sort of wild life could they be referring to? (James thought maybe mosquitos… I was thinking teenagers). This sign is posted at a

Amy Teevee

Amy on Teevee Originally uploaded by such sweet hands My Knitty Gritty episode aired again today, (when my nephew-18 mos-saw it, he called me “Amy Teevee” for weeks instead of Aunt Amy), and I got some e-mail asking about my

Phi’s Fabrics

Phi’s Fabrics Originally uploaded by plainsight Yesterday, my mom, her good friend Pam, and I went exploring in Langley Park–the shopping district just behind my house. Langley Park is a busy commercial district that serves a fusion of Hispanic, Indian,

Mom’s Always Right.

WATERMELON EATER Originally uploaded by foreversouls When I was a kid, my mom always said, “A colorful plate makes for a healthy meal.” Of course she’s right about that, and yesterday, she was right about one more thing. I’d always

Sock Hunting

Sock Hunting Originally uploaded by plainsight My cat Honey likes to pretend to hunt. Sometimes she carries around the kids mittens, sometimes foam letters from the bathtub. (Maybe she wants to communicate, but no discernible text was ever produced). Last

Quickie Knit Charting

I was surfing the net yesterday trying to find a quick way to mock up a lace chart for a swatch and found Knitting Chart Maker. “This wasn’t here before,” I thought–I’ve searched pretty regularly for knitting chart makers and

Product Review: Addi Lace Needles

One of the goodies I picked up at TNNA in Columbus is a set of Addi lace needles. I had been pulling my mohair hair out trying to work a simple lace pattern with both denise and knitpicks needles–the denise–even

World Wide Knit in Public Day

This morning, Selma dug her knitting out of the closet, packed her camera in her bag, and we all headed to the co-op to gather picnic supplies. There, we met Hilary and bought humus, tabouli, chips and other goodies. Glen

Stockinette Dreams

I had a knitting dream last night. Do you ever get those? When I’m learning a language intensely, or I’m in a play, and I dream about it, I’m always quite pleased because it means I’m seriously obsessed enough to