Many Thanks!

Thank you everyone for your readership, for your support, for sharing your creative ideas in the comments on the blog. I wish you a colorful and happy Thanksgiving.

Crochet for Every Day

If you had asked me a year ago, I never would have guessed that my most-used handmade item would be my tea cozy, but it is! I make a big pot of tea each morning and my cozy keeps it

Wild Rice Stew

This week I promised myself I’d get a jump on using the week’s veggies before they became less appealing in the fridge. I made chili earlier in the week with some of them, and today, I was craving stew–like a

Elissa! A New Hat and Scarf to Crochet

The new Twist Collective is out. I’m so excited because I’ve been sitting on this little secret since June, and I was losing the ability to keep it to myself: Twist has Crochet! When I met Twist Collective’s Kate Gilbert

Wearable Art and other forms of procrastination

This is Kris Kokborg. She’s one of the intrepid citizens of Cordova who does just about everything. She participated in the Mushroom Dying workshop I took. She heads the 4H Summer Music camp. She knits and spins and dyes her

Knits for Bears Released!

Pearl is ready for her close-up, but I have a feeling the news media might have other things to cover today. Nonetheless, my new book, Knits for Bears to Wear is officially released today. (A friend of my mom’s in upstate