I got back Monday night from TNNA with a cold. I’m recovering, and it’s nice to be home. Cordova has noticeably more daylight than when I left. There were hurricane force winds and torrential rain while I was gone that washed away all the snow.  I’m hoping well have more snowfall before winter is over.

TNNA was productive and fun despite people’s fears about poor turnout. The yarn companies I spoke to were feeling optimistic about their place in this tough economy. It seems like people still want to knit and crochet–especially with lovely handcrafted yarns from independent companies–these were the folks who did best.

I’ve been trying to remember to check up on the Knit and Crochet Today web site to find the URL for my Step by Step socks pattern. It’s there now. You can now download the PDF for free.

Socks on TV
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