Thursday Afternoon

Look! Blue sky! Snow-capped mountains! I’m trying distract you from my recent lack of blog posting with the view from my living-room window. Is it working? It should. It distracts me often enough. Like this morning, when there was so much SUN streaming in that I couldn’t sit in my usual spot and use my laptop. (Not that I’m complaining. We take all the sun we can get up here).

Right. So I’m not blogging because I’m still finishing the never-ending bear book. I promise now it’s just tying up loose ends crossing t’s and dotting eyes i’s. Also because the entire house came down with a vicious crud that made us just want to lie around all day and occasionally eat soup.

Chick-pea and Orzo Soup

See? This is chick-pea and orzo soup loosely based on this soup from the PPK. We left out the greens and added green beans and used orzo instead of noodles. Oh, and we didn’t have any mirin, so I obviously left that out. We’re are mostly better now which is a good thing since Selma is off of school for spring break.

I’ve finished all of the actual crocheting for the book and to celebrate, I went on a bit of a sock knitting bender (no pictures yet, but they’ll come). It all started with a pair of baby socks and I was hooked. I’ve found that stockinette socks are something I can actually work on in front of the TV without paying too much attention, and at the end of it, someone has warm feet. A win-win.

OK, now that you’re thinking about soup and socks I’ll slip back off to working on the book.

Various methods of distraction