Ok–I still haven’t figured out how to fit photo shoots into these short days very well. So I may have to have a big ornament shoot on Saturday when I’m not getting kids to school, running around planning Christmas pageants, etc. December is so crazy! I’m looking forward to the quiet of January and February, but for now, I’m enjoying the crazy too.

Today’s ornament is a sweet little poinsettia that will work up super-fast. It’s from the Lion Band web site. (Warning: you must register to get access to this site, I’m sorry about that.)

Poinsettia Ornament
Poinsettia Ornament, from Lionbrand.com

This pattern requires a French Knot-which is a simple embroidery stitch, but it’s not explained in the pattern. Here’s a nice tutorial from The Purl Bee.

I’ve created a Ravelry Group for the Ornament crochet-along where you can share pictures, and talk about patterns. Of course, you can also leave comments here on my blog with links to ornaments you’d like to try or ones you’ve made.

I’m off to see Selma performing in A Christmas Carol tonight. Tomorrow, I’m making a star designed by Ellen of LA is my Beat, and then next week I want to focus on mini-wearables–mittens, hats, sweaters, etc. So keep your eyes peeled for patterns and let me know what you find!

Christmas Ornament Crochet-Along Day Three: A Poinsettia
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