There’s a small but growing boy in my house who needs a new hat. Last week, he put on the hat I made him a couple of summers ago and said, “my hat shrunk!” I think it’s more likely that his head grew, but either way, it no longer fits.

Jay's Summer Hat - 02
Jay wearing his hat in 2010 when it had just been finished.

The air was so crisp this morning–it was a perfect fall day, but I felt bad sending him to school with a bare head. So this evening I’m taking a break from my growing ripple scarf (It tops two feet thanks to rehearsals for the cabaret I was involved with last week!) to make him a hat.

Head, Squared
The crown of the hat after about an hour of crocheting.

It’s crocheted in the round, single crochet in the back loop with the increases concentrated in four spots to create corners. Once I stop increasing, of course, the shape will transition back to round.

I’ll post a picture of Jay modeling the finished hat when it’s done.

Head, Squared…