I’m so glad! The more the better. The ukulele is an amazing little instrument because in a matter of minutes you can be making music and singing with friends. Of course, like any instrument you can spend time and effort to become more proficient, but you’ll be having fun right away.

There are so many options… how do you choose? To me, it seems similar to any purchase you care about. You buy the best that you can afford. Set your budget ahead of time. If you know you can only spend $100, visit a music store (better with a friend who can already play a little) and strum a few. See which instruments sing to you. Sing back! See which ones you like to sing with. A caveat to that is–if you’ve got money to burn, you may want to hold back in the beginning and get a nice, affordable ukulele. When you feel more proficient, no matter what you bought first, you’re going to want another, and another. There are lots of varieties of ukes. Begin with a soprano or a concert. I really like the Cordoba CM 15. You can find it in a package for under $100 that includes a case and a tuner.

Even if you’re buying an instrument for a really young child, I recommend not buying a toy. For about fifty dollars, you can have a ukulele that is pleasant to play and will last a kid until they are good enough to want something better. Try the Makala a plywood uke made by Kala.

Like I said, you can go to a music store to try out ukes. You can also find a ukulele jam in your area. Try googling “ukulele jam” and the name of your town. In Juneau, the Jambusters meet on Sundays from 11-1 at the Prospector Hotel Restaurant. All are welcome. You get a chance to see a lot of different ukes at a jam, and most of the time, folks will let you hold and strum them too. It’s a great way to check out what you might want and hear what musicians have to say about them.

UPDATE: Do consider used ukuleles. Borrow one from a friend that might be collecting dust. Check Craigslist and garage sales. Instruments that are cared for get better with age. If you buy an old instrument, put new strings on it, and it might really shine.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

So you want a ukulele?
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