Worm’s-Eye View

“Things are changing too fast,”
says the grandmother, 73.

“She doesn’t have to use the new things,”
says the daughter, 15, digital native,
born in the third month of a new millennium.

The Thinkers say we’ve progressed
as much in last 15 years
as we did in the previous one hundred.

The great-grandmother, 98, sends an email.

The Thinkers say that by 2025, they’ll be out of a job.

The brains they are building out of zeros and ones
will be as good, and then better than theirs.

What will be the literature of the Next Intelligence?

Will they be poets, preferring the obsessive forms?

Will they possess a creativity so advanced
it’s unrecognizable?

Art, as pleasing to us, as ours is to an earthworm.


(National Poetry Month Challenge, Day 5. Thanks to Tim Urban for getting me thinking about artificial intelligence.)

Worm’s-Eye View
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