I have a new crush. I haven’t been talking about her because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings (Ukuleles can be so sensitive!). Her name is Stella, and while we’ve been living together for a few months, we’re just finally getting to know each other.

New love can hurt a bit! I have sore finger tips because I’m unaccustomed to steel strings, and my head aches from learning new chord shapes, but I’m having a wonderful time.

Stella is about nine years older than me, and she’s come through her 52 years relatively unscathed.

We met a couple of years ago, when my friend John found her hanging around the thrift store, and brought her home for a song.

He gave her some attention and TLC, and even hand made her a leather jacket to go over her original case.


Then John found another 4-string, a hefty Brazilian quatro that fit his playing style better. Stella languished at home, alone. I had nearly forgotten about her when he mentioned in April that he’d be taking her to the Folk Fest music swap. I saved him the trouble and bought this sweet tenor guitar for his asking price. If I practice, maybe someday we’ll make beautiful music together!


UPDATE: Guess who else played a Stella Tenor Guitar?

The King and his H929TG (Stella Tenor Guitar)
Oh, Stella…
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