A few weeks ago, I got to spend an afternoon with Meghan Garrison, a friend here in Juneau who works for the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council. I asked her to model because she seemed like a great fit for Mod Waterfall–it turned out she was a natural at modeling too. Here are some more of the photos from our shoot. (The slideshow will autoplay, but if you want to move through it, you can click the photo and it will change to the next one).

[slickr-flickr tag=”modwaterfall”]

Mod Waterfall was fun because it involved one of my favorite construction techniques–modular crochet–and also some very relaxing bits of crochet and knitting with a luxurious yarn. It’s not a calculator pattern–but it’s very easy to modify the fit and the length, and the pattern tells where to do that, so I’m hoping to see some fun variations eventually. I think a long–hip length–version would be really cool.

I spent the late fall crocheting and knitting Mod Waterfall, which was just released today in the spring-summer issue of Knitty in “Plays Well Together,” the column I write with Miriam Felton. Right now, I’m working on a second pair of slippers and I’m in the thinking and planning stages of my next design, looking forward to getting to needles and hook. But the days are getting much longer here, and I’m feeling the pull to be outside, so I’m guessing my mind will wander soon to real waterfalls, spring, and foraging.

Diving Deeper into Mod Waterfall
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