I’ve just finished reading Kids Crochet : Projects for Kids of All Ages by Kelli Ronci. It’s a lovely hardcover book designed to teach children to crochet.

The organization is simple and straightforward. Ms. Ronci discusses materials and tools before moving on to skills. Each skill explained (including the chain stitch) has an attractive product to go with it. (Glue chains around a vessel to decorate it, wrap a present or wear chains as bracelets.) Other projects include a neck cozy, crochet tool pouch (a historic first project from the early days of crochet) accessories like bags, scarves, and headbands. My favorite projects in the book are the round pillows embellished with cheerful snails and butterflies. The only project I’m not fond of is the sweater. It’s bulky and shapeless (I assume to make it fast and easy to make), but if a child is going to spend a lot of time on a project, I would want her to love the result and want to wear it.

The yarns used are mid-priced and readily available online and from many local yarn stores. They include Brown Sheep, Tahki Cotton Classic and Cascade 220.

The illustrations are clear and attractive and the photographs have a boy and girl-next-door appeal. (I love the pictures of boys crocheting, I was pleasantly surprised this year how many young boys came to learn knitting and crochet at our local library.)

What I like most about this new book is that as the cover says, there are “projects for kids of all ages,” –stylish patterns any new or more experienced crocheter might want to make.

Have you read or used this book? Let me know what you think by using the comments link below.

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