When it comes to knitting needles, bamboo are usually my first choice. They’re lightweight, smooth, easy to use and more affordable (and I assume more of a renewable resource) than hardwood. When it comes to crochet, however, I’ve not been as happy with bamboo. It’s true, they’re lightweight, and they have a nice, warm feel. But, I’m used to the indentation that aluminum, steel and even plastic needles have.

So, after hearing me fuss about this forever, James grabbed my bamboo hook and his file and made me a nice little indentation on each side. It’s a great improvement and only took him about five minutes! (I’d post a picture, but it’s almost impossible to see the difference)

I’d love to hear what you’re favorite hooks are–when I’m not using my newly modified bamboo hooks, I like the Crystallites the best because they’re lightweight and “softer” than metal. (Not to mention the cool colors!)

Needles and Hooks