I’ve been really good, for a long time. Really. I was even feeling a little bit smug reading Stephanie’s open letter to her stash because I had just finished giving away a lot of yarn!

But really, you could say it’s all Stephanie’s fault. She’s the one who started the Knitting Olympics. So there.

At any rate, When I first thought about knitting socks, the idea of knitting two things that were identical didn’t really appeal to me, so I thought I’d find two complementary skeins and make a mis-matched set. The shop where I got my first ball of sock yarn didn’t have two skeins I thought would work well together, but when I was at Knit Happens in Alexandria, VA today, I found this beautiful Lornas Laces Shepheard sock yarn. Resistance was futile. This is why I try to only enter yarn shops when I’m teaching a class–no time to shop.

I also picked up the newest issue of Knit.1 Another Lion Brand-centric pub, but this one is produced by Vogue, so you get to see Lion Brand yarns designed into patterns by Teva Durham. And they always a few very hip looking crocheted numbers.

This new issue has an article by Team Hooker member and CrochetMeeditor Kim Werker! Go Kim!! It’s a great piece on amigurumi. Kim now has a regular column in the mag, so I think I’ll have to subscribe.

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A stash grows in Takoma Park–or why not to enter another yarn store after you’ve already purchased yarn for a project!