I recently began the second semester of my middle school knitting and crochet club at Pyle Middle School in Bethesda, MD. I had five returning students and three new ones. I wanted to start with a project that everyone could do while we were getting to know each other. After watching my daughter make a cute scarf finger knitting super-bulky yarn and then reading Crochet with Dee’s great story about teaching finger weaving to her kids and their friends I decided it would be a great first project.

We all had a skein of Homespun and we each created a 5-foot piece of finger knitting. I’m going to crochet them together and we’ll donate the scarf to Food and Friends.

It worked perfectly–everyone was finger knitting within a couple of minutes and we all could chat about our knitting projects, what we’ve been making and what we want to accomplish over the semester. (They’d like to do more charity knitting making scarves and baby hats) We also decided it would be cool to make a garment because only one of them had done that so far, so we’re going to try our hand at modular crochet beginning with the next class. I’ll update with pictures and progress on the sweaters soon.

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Middle Schoolers Weave a Good Yarn