This pattern caught my eye this morning and I have to say, I like it. I might even wear it. Why? Maybe because it reminds me of the afghan on the back of my couch? The one my grandmother made thirty years ago? (I do wear a coat she made out of upholstery fabric that looks like I should be a wing-back chair–what can I say, I’m sentimental.) It could be, because it fits the model well, it’s drapy, not stiff, or because it’s a nice take on the popular “shrug” idea, because I like the colors and I’ve been into ripple and wavy patterns lately. But mostly, I like it because it bears a slight but undeniable resemblance to the amazing garment below:

Funny thing is, dresses that look like afghans have been on the mind of a lot of online hookers lately. The folks at What Not to Crochet (a site that’s sometimes fun and sometimes a bit mean–but always interesting–where some blogger with lots of time posts pictures of crochet she doesn’t like) actually got fooled by the Pantalaine Couch Dress. I love the Pantalaine web site. I love imagining the folks who actually take the time to put this bizarre performance art together. I love how totally psyched they must have been when the cynical folks at WNTC actually thought their stuff was real!

THIS JUST IN: Ginny just e-mailed me to let me know that Tina-Marie made the Berroco shrug for her Crochet Olympics project. Nice job, Tina-Marie!

Wear Your Afghan