A Washington DC Knitting Retreat

On October 28th, I’ll be teaching at a knitting retreat in a historic hotel in the heart of Washington DC’s Dupont Circle. Designer Laurie Gonyea and I will be teaching a fair-isle workshop–with a little crochet and knitting on 2-circular

The Last Knit

YouTube and CG animation meet obsessive knitter: Directed by Laura Neuvonen / Finland / 2005 Technorati Tags:knitting, animation, youtube

I’v been editing…

my livingroom. When I was a web designer, I loved white space–it just makes things on the page look pretty–if a page is too cluttered, with things filling every nook and cranny, it’s harder to see what you’re looking for.

Speaking of sewing…

I found this handy guide to hand stitching at Perestroika Designs. Yes, for some reason, I decided to hand-stitch all the pieces together for this garment rather than using my machine. It’s slow going, I’m using a backstitch to make

"It’s Make it Work Time, People!"

Yes, that’s Tim Gunn I hear inside my head. I admit it, I don’t sew for fun. Maybe you noticed, that I often design one-piece garments. But for some reason, I recently proposed a design for a friend’s book that

The Sweet Crochet-Along Starts Soon!

sweet_cal Originally uploaded by plainsight. Hey–it’s been quiet here on the blog front, I know–but they’ve been very busy here in the studio. You can now sign up for Crochetme’s Sweet CAL Just visit the site to get all the


Isn’t she tho’? That’s Selma in her new sweater–the Sweet sweater I designed for the new Crochet me. But wait–it’s not just a sweater–it’s a template–you can make yours with any yarn and stitch pattern you want. And I also

Knitting Converse All-Stars

via Boing-Boing Craftster regulars no doubt have already seen these, but it took my non-knitting brother to bring them to my attention via Boing-Boing. Thanks, Nhoj!

EZ on Spinning and Mayonaise

Hand-spinning was a skill which I have always regarded with as much awe as those of making bread, and performing the mysterious rite of proper mayonaise. Elizabeth Zimmerman, from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac, Dover Publications, 1981. As a foodie, I