Yes, that’s Tim Gunn I hear inside my head. I admit it, I don’t sew for fun. Maybe you noticed, that I often design one-piece garments. But for some reason, I recently proposed a design for a friend’s book that is more sewing than knitting. So it feels like the project runway workroom around here today. I find myself drafting and grading patterns, cutting (yes, cutting my knitting!) and pinning and felting. I’ve had huge amounts of inertia about starting the sewing portion of this project, but now that I have, it’s fun, and its challenging, and I’m behind schedule, so it’s time to “carry on!”

p.s Those new KnitKlips have been a great help to me with this project–the fabric I’m sewing is (mostly) felted, and very thick. Pins would bunch it up, and be hard to get through the fabric–but the clips hold things well, and align them perfectly–you can even set them up to use on the right side of the garment for mattress stitch, but in this case, all my seams are on the inside. Oh, and lest you wonder how they’re different from any old spring-loaded clip, they have one long tooth that can stick through just about any thickness of fabric and hold it in place–also, they’re designed not to catch or snag.

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"It’s Make it Work Time, People!"