Of Yarn and Wizards

Last night, we took the whole family to a Washington Wizards basketball game. It was a lot of fun–Selma enjoyed every second. She loved the game, the “dancers,” Jay liked the mascot and all the clapping and chanting. We’re paying

Cover Girl

Crochet Today – March April Originally uploaded by plainsight. Drew’s sneaking around the Craft and Hobby Association conference in between his book signings, and look what he found at the Coats and Clark Booth. It’s the March-April issue of Crochet

Knit with the Brits

I’ve finished my tea and toast, and I really should be starting work (have I mentioned I have piles of other peoples’ knits and crochets in my studio waiting to be edited? It’s a little scary–I have them perched on

A Sweet Cardigan

Ellen Bloom has recently posted pictures of her take on my Sweet Sweater. I love it–It’s a cardigan, and she played with color and stitch pattern and added a collar and buttons. Fabulous job!

What happened at TNNA?

Since I’m woefully behind in writing about TNNA, I’ll point you instead to CRAFT Magazine’s great re-cap of the event–it has links to other good write-ups too. After all that reading, you’ll know pretty much everything I did. To see

DIY Hairpin Lace Loom

The Little Projects blog has a nifty tutorial on how to make a hairpin lace loom out of stuff you have around the house. (By the way, this is a great site. She’s also got a crocheted felted clog pattern

Sneak Peek Monday

Blue Sky Crochet Swatch Originally uploaded by plainsight. With thanks to Robyn for the idea, here’s a look at what I’ve been doing. I adore swatching. Maybe I even like it more than making garments. Am I crazy? Maybe. Swatching

Talking Smack

So, we know everyone says that Blue Moon Fiber Art’s Socks That Rock is like crack–knitting with it is addictive. Well, it appears that Blue Moon’s bank thought that they were doing SO MUCH business they must be a front

Crochetville Podcasts!

Amy “yarnaholic” from Crochetville has begun a weekly podcast of crochet news submissions from the crochetville participants, and more fun stuff. The first episode will air sometime this week. You can subscribe in iTunes and find more info on the