So, one of the most exciting things about being at TNNA this weekend (more pictures below including teaching Amy Singer to crochet, a sit-in on the show floor, and on…) was seeing the preview for Kim Werker’s new Crochet Me book–due out in October. Hard to wait. It is so beautiful, and she did such an awesome job writing the profiles and essays. In case you just CAN’T wait, you can have a preview, including a printable pattern by YOURS TRULY, just by visiting the book’s preview page. It’s an awesome little flash widget that lets you page through the preview and even print out my pattern and profile. Wheeee!

OK, here are my fuzzy cameraphone shots from TNNA. (What in the world is TNNA? Clara has a good recap.) Enjoy! (Click over to flickr to see my descriptions of what’s happening in the pics)

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Crochet Me — The book!