Brasilbag finished
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I love the work being done by Sara Aires, a freeform crocheter from Brazil Portugal (Update: I got an e-mail from the artist today. She’s from Portugal–not Brazil. I made the assumption because the bag was called “BrasilBag.”). Sara uses mostly crochet thread to create her projects. A lot of the freeform I’ve seen focuses on texture and uses many different kinds of yarn and fiber. It’s interesting to see how, by using only one type of yarn–a smoooth thread, she’s able to focus the viewer’s attention on stitch and color.

She has an amazing eye for color and creates very wearable garments and fascinating bags that seem to have a sort of quilter-meets-surrealism look to them. This bag makes me think of watermelon one minute, then a tide pool the next.

Portugese Freeform