Solveig’s Diaper Cover
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Last night I meant to make this at SSK (Silver Spring Knitters, our local knitting group), but when I arrived I realized I’d printed blank pages instead of the pattern. So I didn’t start it until I got home at around 10:30 p.m. I was determined to finish, so I got to bed pretty late–but it was a quick, fun project! The pattern is gauge-free so you can use any yarn and hook you like.

I love the gathers around the leg–they add nice shaping and give more fullness in back, where it’s needed.

Of course, I don’t know how it will fit, or if it will stay on well, so I’ll wait to make more until I hear from her parents.

Following the designer’s recommendation, I put buttons on the front panel that can be secured with any of the holes in the crochet fabric, making the sizing of the cover adjustable. (They’re vintage buttons from Solveig’s late great grandmother Helen Markos Buschmann). The yarn is 100% untreated wool so it has lanolin that helps with leaks, odor, wicking, etc. Selma dyed the yarn with koolaid. Wool is a favorite among diaper cover afficionados. My brother and sister-in-law are experts at the whole cloth diaper thing.

I was wondering why I was driven to sit and crochet this little project in one sitting when I should have gone to bed. I think it was the pleasure of working someone else’s design. Right now, I’m in the midst of really big design and writing projects, and when I’m deep in the design process, I often am enjoying it so much, I think, ‘why would I ever want to knit/crochet someone else’s pattern?’ But, then, when I do start work on a project that’s not my own design I remember how nice it is. It’s relaxing in some ways because there’s less math or worry about fit, etc.; entertaining to see what the designer is doing/thinking; and creative in a different way–I can focus more on yarn, color, finishing details.

Solveig’s Diaper Cover