Garter Vest

I’m cheating on my current crochet project with some mindless knitting with stash yarn. Due to a few nights of movie watching and some waiting in line today, I’ve made pretty good progress on this vest, which I’m making to throw on in the house when its cold.

I’m having fun playing with the concept–a simple hem to hem one-piece vest based on Lloie’s Jerkin a pattern in Knitting Workshop that have only seen one version of on the web. So far, I’ve added waist shaping, I may put on a belt, and I’ll see if I’m going to mess with anything in the front–I may make a v-neck. I thought at first about a wrap, but I don’t think I’ll do that, too much knitting. The description of the pattern has no armhole shaping, but the picture clearly does. I’m leaving it out because I’d like a bit of a sleeve cap. I may add the shoulder short rows that EZ suggests.

I’ve never done applied i-cord before, so I’d like to finish it with that, but I’m concerned it might make the very stretchy garter stitch too rigid around the edges. What do you think?

I adore knitting with Malabrigo, but its very obvious where one ball ends and the other begins, even though they’re the same dye lot. If this weren’t for me, I might stripe the balls, but I’m not going to worry about it.

Garter Break