Knitting Poetry

The other night at our newly formed craft night, Emily mentioned the Knitting Daily new poetry contest. I remembered that I had been given one of those magnet sets at a trade show a couple of years ago. I dug

Sneak Peak: Royal Crochet

Coming Soon… Originally uploaded by plainsight Here’s a lacy but warm scarf to be unveiled soon–just in time for spring. It’s crocheted in just one skein of Blue Sky Alpaca’s luxurious Royal–100% royal alpaca (which is super-soft, and finer than

Recipe: Bok Choy Stir Fry

James and I fell in love with Bok Choy in Seattle–specifically at the Canton Wanton Noodle House in the International District. There you could order a big bowl of soup, which was basically boiling hot fish broth poured over raw

"Not Yo Stew" (Foodie Friday)

IMG_5708 Originally uploaded by plainsight Or that’s what Selma called it anyway. We love to make nachos and quesadillas, tacos or burritos, but we always end up with leftover refried beans and rice that goes bad in the fridge. This

What are Linked Stitches?

Crochet Today VestOriginally uploaded by plainsight The Springtime Shell on the current cover of Crochet Today has gotten lots of people asking me about linked stitches. It’s easiest to think of linked stitches as a sort of “hybrid” stitch: a

Herringbone Mesh Jacket Now Available

Lots of you have been asking where you can get this pattern, so I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve collaborated with O-Wool, my yarn sponsor on this jacket, and I’ll be offering it for sale through my pattern line. If

The Lowdown on Bamboo

Shellie and Michael Lackman at the Organic Clothing blog have a great run-down on the processing of Bamboo into fiber and fabric including lots of great details about the not-so-eco-friendly chemical process. The only thing missing from this article? Links

Yarny Mail…

Pagewood Farms Sock Yarn Originally uploaded by plainsight My mailbox is full of yarn these days–the latest shipment is from Pagewood Farm. It’s hand-dyed merino sock yarn, and lots of it too! Destined to become not socks, but a set

My Funny Valentine

mona the camel Originally uploaded by plainsight On Valentine’s Day, I was heading back to Seattle from Friday Harbor and we finally got to see Mona, the local island camel (apparently a rescue from Ebay). Mona was an especially friendly

Room with a view

Room with a viewOriginally uploaded by plainsight I’m far from home this week working with together with other fiber writers to discover and share our ideas about writing and producing knitting and crochet books. We’re in a beautiful setting in