Of a regular work schedule for me, then I’m in full moving mode. The packers come next Monday and my parents will be here this weekend helping me get ready. It’s time to live out of suitcases until August! So I’m furiously writing up patterns and tying up loose ends when I’d rather be doing more of this:

Bluefaced Leicester - Rock Creek Yarn

That’s the famed bfl I got from Rock Creek Yarn at Knit in Public day. It was the only colorway she had or I probably would have chosen something a little more subtle. On the niddy-noddy, there’s only about 45 yards of lace-weight singles. It will take me a long, long time to spin through all 4 ounces of this stuff, but that’s one of the cool things about spindle spinning–very efficient dollar-wise: you can get weeks of spinning in buying very little wool. Of course, you’re making very little yarn, too, but for me, that’s not the point.

Three more days…