The new Twist Collective is out. I’m so excited because I’ve been sitting on this little secret since June, and I was losing the ability to keep it to myself: Twist has Crochet! When I met Twist Collective’s Kate Gilbert and Julia Farwell Clay this summer the first thing I thought was “wow.” They were getting ready to launch the first issue of their new magazine and they really had it all together with a fabulous presentation for advertisers and contributors alike. They were passionate about the new publishing model they had constructed and l was pleased when the first issue launched that it looked like they were meeting with success. Of course, when we got to talking, I immediately started asking them about crochet in Twist, and they both were interested and open to giving it a try. We talked about starting with a project that would be accessible and appealing to their mostly knitter audiance. The Elissa Hat and Scarf is made with sock yarn (wonderful squishy sock yarn from Pagewood Farm ). The stitch pattern is simple and fun to learn and easy to memorize. The pattern is being made available free until February 2009.

James grabbed this shot right before I sent the set off back in August. One of the wonderful things about working with Twist, is unlike other publications, I’ll get it back, eventually!

The whole winter issue is full of glorious patterns. I love the felted Heroine coat by Jennifer Lippman Bruno, and the collar and herringbone pattern on Stormsvale by Robin Melanson is dramatic and inspiring. The Gytha hooded pullover looks so wearable and fun to knit; and the I love the patterning of the Postwar Mittens.

I also wrote a short article for the issue, kind or an open letter to knitters who have yet to pick up the hook. (Thanks to the members of SSK for being the inspiration for my article opener!) For most of you dear blog readers, the article is preaching to the converted, but the sentiment, that you need to approach any new skill with a beginners mind and heart (watch a kid learn something new–they are ready for multiple failed attempts before eventual success) has helped me when I need to learn new things, like my recent dip into the waters of spinning.

Elissa! A New Hat and Scarf to Crochet
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