Selma came home from school in the middle of the day with a stomach ache. As she was convalescing, she re-discovered my stack of fiber-related children’s books. After reading Cashmere If You Can, she decided to write a review, and we thought it would be fun to share it with you. The following is Selma’s book review.

Pictures for Selma's Book Review

Cashmere if you Can, written by Terron Shaefer and illustrated by Christopher Corr is a funny and fantastic book. It’s about a goat that becomes a super model. It is great for children and adults of all ages, and it even has a moral of honesty and truth. It is a goat’s life story. Wawa (the goat) and her family live in a city that’s inside a canyon called New Rock in Mongolia. They live on everything tourists leave behind. One day, Wawa’s little brother Hauhau found a camera that was his sister’s ticket to fame. The illustrations in the book are colorful, abstract and cartoony. The book may be short, but it is not for babies. To find out the rest of the story, you have to read the book.

Here is my favorite illustration:

Pictures for Selma's Book Review

I like how the illustrator fits everyday things (like graffiti and art) into a totally not everyday story.

Guest Blogger Selma with a Book Review
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