I did finish the baby sweater last night. I even wove in the ends. I haven’t *cough* written the pattern yet, but that will happen before the weekend is over. But it was pretty early in the evening when I finished so I allowed mysek to start playing with the reward yarn. I began with the Kid Merino. I chose a pretty large hook (3.5mm) given the thinness of the laceweight strand, and I began the project I had in mind in a rather conventional way. But I was foiled, it wasn’t working: neither the way the colors were appearing nor the stitches. I ripped after a few rows and began again, more intuitively, and this is the result so far:

Kid Merino

It looks nothing (I expect) like what the finished project will be, but I thought it might entice to you to venture another guess. Want to try?

The yarn continues its conversation with me
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