Past and Present, with hat

Back in February we took the kids to Anchorage for the weekend. It happened to be Valentine’s day weekend, and we had a nice time going to movies (Coraline for Selma and Me, I can’t remember what the guys saw)

Local Flavor

I’ve had a great time the last few days hanging out at my LYS, The Net Loft, and helping move yarn around. It’s inspiring to just be surrounded by yarn even if all you’re doing is taking it off of

Spud and Chloë: A new pattern and a contest

We’re back from our month-long trip. We arrived Saturday and I’m slowly emerging from a fog of jetlag. In the last week, I was on planes 5 out of 7 days. Airports are crazy places. We’re so glad to be

Knitting in the Sun-Guest Post by Author Kristi Porter

Kristi Porter, designer and technical editor extraordinaire (who also happens to be a member of our Stitch Cooperative), is the author of the new book Knitting in the Sun, which, the last time I checked was #1 in knitting books