Elizabeth Zimmerman named this hat “Ganomy” after the funny way that someone in her family pronounced “Gnome.” It does really have an elfish look to it, and if I wasn’t already a fan of the silly hat, I probably wouldn’t have been drawn to it. I’m glad I was. the mitered corners on this hat make it hug the ears and the shaping also allows for the hat to go lower in the back than in the front protecting the back of the neck.

Ganomy Hat - Front

I added the minimal bit of colorwork myself. In true EZ style, the pattern was just a simple paragraph of text, which you get to interpret as you like. I did find out after I made this that the pattern is included along with an article in the current issue of Vogue Knitting. Another bonus: When you’re flying down the slopes, the pointy part will stick straight up, looking even cooler than it does flopped to the side. (We took these pictures back before the snow that started earlier this year than it has in a while).

Ganomy Hat - Side

Today it looks like January outside, except darker since we have over a month to go before the solstice. I’m glad for the snow, though. It’s much better than rain. I have had to abandon shoes for the season and dig out my boots.

James, however, has decided to extend the cycling season by installing studded tires on his bicycle. This is how he got to work this morning.

James' Snow Tires

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I think it has something to do with twitter and facebook I like the convenience of the little micro-posts I do there, and then I feel like I’m being redundant talking about something on the blog that I may have already linked to on Twitter. What do you think?

I’m also attempting Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) again this year, and so I get my writing quota in by making up unlikely things for my characters to do. I’m at the half-way point, and I think chances are about even for my finishing the 50,000 word challenge.

I’m in the finishing stages crocheting two lace-weight shawls that are taking me forever. Even though I love them both, I will be so happy to be done. I will then start work on some new Big Projects that up until now have been just in the mental planning stages. Expect to hear more soon.

I’m also re-starting my work as co-editor of Inside Crochet magazine. Julie Holetz and I were happy to be asked to come back for another year of issues, and we will start work in December. (We were especially excited by the preview of Issue Five, just released–you can see the preview at the KALMedia flickr site). We’ll be on the lookout soon for submissions, so if you’re interested in contributing to the magazine, you can e-mail me.

Yes, another new hat: Ganomy