Addi Lace Needles

One of the goodies I picked up at TNNA in Columbus is a set of Addi lace needles. I had been pulling my mohair hair out trying to work a simple lace pattern with both denise and knitpicks needles–the denise–even ‘tho they are super-pointy, didn’t have the right shape, and the knitpicks were both too slippery for my novice lace skills, and they kept loosening on me–and I didn’t want to worry about dropping stitches. I remembered I had these, thanks to Cat Bordhi who always has exceptional treats for those taking her classes.

As soon as I switched needles, things got much easier. Unlike the Addi’s nickel-plated needles, these have a gold-tone finishe which is a little “stickier” but not in a bad way, it’s perfect for me. Also, the tip is fluted in a subtle way–you can’t see it by looking, but I can feel it, and that seems to be a big help in scooping up tiny stitches and working complicated decreases.

The needles are available in 2.5 mm – 4.00 mm sizes in 24, 32 and 47″ lengths, so everyone from 2 circ, magic loop, to mobius folks should be happy. Actually–if I had one wish for the size range–it would be that they produce a set with short tips so it’s easier to knit smaller circumferences in the round with 1 needle.

Product Review: Addi Lace Needles