It was a warm night and all the ghouls, and goblins, witches and wizards had a great time wandering the neighborhood. Our neighborhood is teeming with kids, and the roar of giggles and conversation was quite loud if you were standing outside. Preparation for Halloween on Minter Place is a neighborhood affair–we raid our collective closets and costume stashes, we plan and sew and glue together, so it’s always fun to see the results!

Jay as Spiderman
Jay dressed as Spiderman.
Selma as Bunicula
Selma was Bunicula
Emerson wearing Selma's Bumblebee Costume
We bumped into Emerson on our rounds, who had borrowed the kids’ old bumblebee costume.
Molly as Dog
Our neighbor Molly was a dog
Catching the Snitch
Her brother Jefferey was Harry Potter in Quidditch Robes.
Harry's Quidditch Robes
After Hair and Makeup.
Professor Snape
Jeffery’s dad got into the act dressing as Snape.

Oh yes, we did spend the early afternoon decorating the cookies, which are delicious:

Halloween Gingerbread cookies

After I got tired of walking around, James came over, and I spent the rest of the evening with sitting in the Rocking Chair on my porch handing out treats and crocheting.

Halloween Roundup