By the time I sat down to knit last night, I was exhausted but determined to just work on something fun. I cast on for Calorimetry. It wasn’t until I started working it that I realized it’s sort of a giant, stand-alone short-row heel! I’m sure it would be fun to crochet one too–I’ll probably try that next. I loved scrolling through the finished versions on Ravelry before I got started. Due to the caveats from previous knitters, and due to the fact that I was using unlabeled mystery yarn from my stash (maybe fleece artist?)

Beginning Calorimetry

I took the time to swatch. Good thing, because I needed to cast on only 108 stitches instead of 120.

I realize I have a couple of FO’s that I haven’t posted about. I actually did finish a pair of socks in time for Socktoberfest, but didn’t get to post them until now. They’re for Selma:

Selma's Socks

It’s a toe-up crocheted sock with a short-row heel. I worked linked doubles for the sole of the foot which gives a thin but solid fabric. I’ve been using linked stitches a lot lately, and was thinking about posting a tutorial about them, but remembered that Robyn has a great one on Crochet Me. After the heel turn, I woked a couple of extra rows back and forth to give a bit of a “heel flap” look. The yarn is Panda Wool from Crystal Palace.


They are a wee bit roomy on her, but she says they’re very comfortable. James now wants socks too–I’m thinking hiking socks since he does a fair bit of traipsing around in the woods in the winter, and that would allow me to use a slightly heavier yarn.

Just before Rhinebeck, I blocked a crocheted shawl that I began and finished sometime in June. It had been lost in the bottom of my workbasket for months.

Antique Lace Shawl
Antique Lace Shawl

I wore it to the Ravelry Party.


On the way to Rhinebeck I cast on for a Hat made from SeaColors yarn that I bought last year at Rhinebeck (It is actually the only Rhinebeck yarn I have used from my 2006 purchases!). I had chosen the yarn last fall to make a hat for my friend Molly, and since she was going to be meeting us there, I thought I ought to actually knit it!

Seacolors Pixie Cap

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